from One Mother to Another:

I. What is one thing you would want to tell a new mother that you wish someone had told you?

Everyone is different, Do what works for you.

II. What is the best advice you have received about motherhood?

No matter the circumstances you don't stop at any point being a

III. Anything else you want to share Muma?

Mothers are like a child's best friend. Stay honest and true to
them. Respect other mothers, we are all in it. We are literally the drive to a child's life.

I photographed my childhood friend Sun and her fiancé Lee's maternity session, it was a special session dedicated to baby number five. She is a woman who embodies strength. Every time I see her, I am in awe of her and the polite, respectful, children she has raised. Sun's journey as a mother began at the age of 16 when she welcomed her first baby into the world. While we were all busy partying and acting like typical teenage girls Suns world was so different to ours, as a mother myself, I've come to realize and appreciate the incredible strength and determination it must have taken for her to navigate those early years of motherhood. It's truly inspiring.

I took a moment to ask Sun about the most important lesson she wishes to impart to her children. Her answer resonated deeply with me. She said, "I want them to be kind, loving, caring, and to respect others just as they would want to be respected. I also want them to work hard and turn their dreams into reality." And her kids totally embody those values every day. You'll often find Sun's children selling candy floss or doing chores to earn money for the things they want. It's incredible to see how much they appreciate the things they buy with their own hard work. It's a valuable lesson. To balance her role as a mother and finding time for herself, Sun follows a strict schedule. She jokingly refers to it as "running a boot camp," I remember one time when I stopped by her house and found Lee and all the kids in the yard, doing jumping jacks. Lee had set out a workout course for the kids too follow. It's a fun memory I have of them as a family because they were all loving it .

Sports play a significant role in their family's life. Sun often refers to it as their own language of "rugby" they all speak it and understand it. Sports has brought them closer together, fostering a sense of togetherness and unity. It's a tradition that they all cherish and enjoy.

As someone that has no issue being open I resonate with Suns commitment to being open and transparent with her children. She believes in letting them know her fully, including her own journey as a young mother. Through her honesty, she aims to build trust and encourage her children to fearlessly embrace their own paths without judgment or fear.

Looking ahead, Sun hopes that her children will remember every moment of their childhood—the good and the bad. She understands that life is a tapestry of experiences, and she wants her children to appreciate and learn from each one.

"When I saw and held each child for the very first time."

—What is your favorite memory of your child(ren) so far?