family portrait with couple and their toddler wearing a beanie

Hey lovely! You've probably got a good handle on what you're looking for in photography, but we bet you're curious about the people behind the lens – the ones you'll welcome into your day. So, here's our story, and we're excited to become a part of yours!

We are Brie and Julian Zeman. We grew up an ocean apart, but as teenagers we were both obsessed with taking photos. When we were in our early twenties, a spontaneous surf trip to The Cook Islands intersected our worlds. Before we were united by marriage and parenthood, we were bound by a love of good stories and golden light. Capturing love, nature, and joy is our shared creative passion. We have been documenting love stories since 2014! Having the privilege of working with more than 1,000 couples.

photo of mother and daughter, winter clothing, seed heritage, Auckland New Zealand

You’re our type of humans if you value good energy, find gratitude for the little things, see photography as an investment and can go with the flow. 

Quirky Info about us:


It was love at first sight when we met in the Cook Islands. Three months later, with out any hesitation, we eloped at City Hall in downtown San Diego, with a bouquet of flowers from the garden and a dress from a thrift store; we were 22.

II. we became parents

In July 2021, we welcomed our little girl at Waitakere Hospital in Auckland. We have been savoring every minute of being parents and learning all the wonderful lessons that come with it.

III. we owned a Mexican Takeaway Biz

Yup! It was located in Muri Beach at the time my (Brie) family owned a house on the main road, we called in Don Julios and we made the best Cali Burritos and home made fries. One day it'll make a come back.

Meet Our Team

guy in the surf

Julian Zeman


Surfing fueled my passion for photography and videography, Shooting in tough conditions in the ocean has honed my patience and taught me when to press the shutter for the perfect shot. When shooting weddings im much the same in my thought process, I always strive to be unobtrusive and make sure I capture those special moments without intruding on the couple's natural chemistry. At the same time, I ensure that there are enough opportunities for them to relax and just enjoy each other's company in order to create timeless, natural photographs.


Brie Zeman


I have a love for all things romantic. So I'm naturally drawn to love stories. I’m an emotive storyteller every shot is intentional. I want to capture moments that will evoke a feeling and imagine you hanging these images on your wall. I like to blend editorial images, while keeping my eyes peeled for special candid moments, to create a visually pleasing narrative. 2021 was a life-changing year for me, especially when I became a Mum. This experience helped me grow and appreciate the role of mothers even more. As a result, I'm passionate about using my photography to capture these precious family moments. Every story is unique and incredibly valuable.