Hey there, lovebirds and future Raro wedding couples!

If you're here because you simply love anything romantic like me, then you my lovely are in the right place. Riley & Louis wedding was a vibe. If you're looking for inspo and insider tips for a gorgeous ceremony location for your own dream destination wedding in the Cook Islands,

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I'm all about the couples who bring their A-game to the details. Because, let's be real, it's the little things that make up a wedding day right. Riley is a creative graphic designer so she understood how the details play a part visually. Beautifully designed menus and vows written in custom cards are some of the little things you can think about adding to your Raro wedding. If you're here scouting for the perfect ceremony spot on the island, Motu ceremonies might need a bit more planning but as someone who's been capturing the magic of Rarotonga weddings since 2014, trust me, the motu is like hitting the ceremony jackpot. Mountain backdrop. Check. Lagoon backdrop. Check. All in one breathtaking view? Double-check. You can even get paddled over by an island warrior in a traditional wood canoe (see it here) if you have any questions head over to instagram and DM me, Im always happy to chat.

xox - Brie