Hey there, lovelies! I am beyond thrilled to share the most stunning wedding I recently had the pleasure of photographing at Mantells in Mt Eden, Auckland. This place is an absolute dream! As soon as I stepped through those doors, it was like I had been whisked away to the charming streets of Italy. The romantic ambiance, the candles, and the gorgeous details – it was simply elegant in every way.

I hadn't actually met the lovely couple, Kim and Eddie, before the big day. I was photographing this wedding under another photography company, which is pretty common during the busy wedding season. Usually, when you work under another business, you aren't allowed to share the images you capture. But the lovely Chris Turner is a legend and gave me the green light to showcase my work from this stunning wedding, and I am so freken grateful!

Coming from the Cook Islands, I've been dreaming about shooting a wedding like this. Just seeing the venue had me excited, but then I saw Kim gracefully walking down the aisle, and I was blown away. She was an absolute vision of beauty.

You might think it would be a bit challenging working with a couple I hadn't met before. But lt was an absolute breeze with Kim and Eddie. Have you ever been around two people who are undeniably in love? Well, that's exactly what these two exuded. Their connection was so affectionate and soft, I went with that vibe for their photos.

 I'll definitely be manifesting another wedding as intimate and magical as this one. So, as I sign off, take care and spread the love!


double exposure bride and bridal flowers